IBM Maximo : Mx Loader Supports Attachments

In our previous post we have discussed how MxLoader is supporting  web services, now we will see how MxLoader supports attachments.

From Maximo Version, MxLoad is capable to import attachments to an object through MIF using Base64 encoding.

MxLoader has the capability to read files from the file system, encode them in Base64 and upload them on Maximo. This can be done on any Maximo object that supports attachments but the integration object structure has to be modified to include the DOCLINK object.

Mx Loader supports attachments in IBM Maximo

In this example the MYASSET object structure has been created with the DOCLINKS child object.

To specify a file to be uploaded you have to prefix the full path of the file with the ‘file:///’ string. Look at the screenshot below for an example of how to add two attachments to an asset.
VirtualNuggets 9095644121370750212

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