Maximo Licensing Models

Maximo Licensing Models

Maximo Licensing model is not that easy. Here is the way that user can be able understand the Maximo Licensing Model in a simple and better way. This also includes the useful tips for performing a license audit in a particular environment.

NOTE: This simplification does not consider all the possible versions of Maximo, add-ons, industry solutions, etc.

Maximo licensing model

IBM Maximo Products are rarely licensed by the users. At present, the IBM Maximo Asset Management full suite provides several levels in the licensing options. They are listed as follows:
  1. Authorized Users
  2. Limited Use Users
  3. Express Use Users
  4. Unlimited Use Users

Maximo Licensing Models

Authorized Users: These Authorized users can access all of the applications in the Maximo Asset Management Suite.

Limited Use Users: These Limited type of Users can only have the access up to three modules of the suite.

Express Use User: These Basic type of users can run and view reports, view and approve records, and can also make updates to work orders that have been assigned to them. This option is available from the starting version of Maximo 7.5.

Unlimited Use users: These Unlimited type of Users are Self Service Requestors, Desktop Requisitions and Health, Safety Environment Self Service Users entitlements that includes with core license for unlimited users.
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